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RS-C 2.0

All-Season Passenger Car Touring tire.


Provides excellent traction and handling and also carries long-wearing properties for excellent value , Provides excellent water evacuation in the footprint , Provides a smooth ride and on-centre feel while providing responsive handling , Provides a quiet running tire at highway speeds , Helps eliminate any wide material splices , Complements today's vehicles

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All-Season Passenger Car tire. Sizes Fit a Wide Range of Vehicles from Today's Compacts to Late Model Vehicles.


Performs in all seasons, Ensures excellent traction throughout the life of the tire, Helps disperse water and slush to provide dependable all-season traction, Quiet-running tire at highway speeds, Smooth ride and on-center feel

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SF-510 SUV

All-Season Passenger SUV tire at “Value Tire” Cost and with Size Coverage Focused on Today’s Most Popular Vehicles.


Provides a smooth ride and comfortable on-center feel, Helps disperse water and slush from the tread, Provides a quiet-running tire at highway speeds, Provides excellent year-round, all-season performance

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All-Season Passenger Light Truck tire at “Value Tire” cost and with Size Coverage for Today’s Most Popular Vehicles.


Creates a pattern of gripping edges, allowing the tire to perform equally well on or off the road, Provides excellent year-round, all-season performance, Even wear and consistent grip, Available in outline white letters and outline black letter styling in specific sizes

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All-Season Performance Passenger Car tire.


Provides for a square tread footprint which means more tread-to-road contact , Reduces irregular wear by allowing tires to be rotated from one side of the car to the other , Allows the outside of the tread pattern to be tuned for dry handling and traction while the inside is optimized for wet and light snow conditions , Provide superior hydroplaning resistance , Provides excellent year-round, all-season performance , Nylon is strategically placed in a manner to resist flat spotting for improved ride quality and balanced, even treadwear for long life , Leads to a better balance of all-weather performance , Computer designed to provide a quiet-running tire at highway speeds

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